Trustees and Clubs


The Trustees are those people chosen to administer the Rhodesian Ridgeback International Foundation in accordance with the Trust Deed. As a group they form the Board and number a dozen at present: the Board may total a maximum of twenty, and all additions/replacements are appointed into trusteeship by the incumbents. The original trustees numbered ten and they had operated under the name of The Rhodesian Ridgeback International Federation which, in the capacity of donor, created the Trust, known as the Foundation, by a Trust Deed dated 1999.08.01. Because the Trustees were not elected by due voting process, provision has been made for a Founder's Council to adjudicate on any dispute arising between the Board and its Sponsors.

That Council is comprised of the fourteen people who originally constituted the Federation.

In order that its deliberations can be more broadly based, the Board has the power to appoint Guardians either within South Africa, or more importantly, outside it. They must be persons the Board feels can best represent the interests of the Breed and they will be expected to make their knowledge and experience available to the Board. In turn they can be issued with the minutes of all proceedings conducted by the Board so that they are enabled to inform the Board on matters whenever they wish in addition to being requested to comment on specific issues. Naturally the Internet will be the preferred communication medium.

During the earlier days, whilst we operated as the Federation, it became obvious that we could not adequately cater for the needs of breeders and owners from one central point. To make effective help more accessible we appointed Administrators to assist local people in a more 'hands on' fashion on a broader basis throughout the country. This is not a simple matter as we were counting on that one person providing all the services that the Federation made available. Though they could co-opt assistance they became funnels for tricky problems and coped very well with local demands. Their existence was not advertised in any way except through the Newsletter so demands on them were not heavy. In theory they should have formed the nucleus for future local club creation.

We started off by forming a Club in the Free State. The first choice was in fact KwaZulu/Natal, followed by the Cape, with the successful party in third spot. We have tried unsuccessfully several times since to make progress down Durban way, but have not worked further on the Cape Town possibility. In the interim, what used to be the Eastern Transvaal, is very rapidly developing an excellent pool of Ridgebacks and it becomes the most likely candidate for our next Club. The area is now called Mpumalanga and it includes the Kruger National Park, which alone provides home to eight active breeding (almost) age dogs who exercise their special skills each day. Our next thrust is down in the Eastern Cape, but we are very willing to consider any prospect where we can effectively spread the influence of KUSA-affiliated Clubs in order that we may together protect the interests. of our cherished breed. The Foundation makes available an unmatchable wealth of experience and also provides a Newsletter on a very economical levy system which can be used as a platform and supplemented by each club individually to inform its membership of what is separately being done by it.

The Foundation seeks sponsorship from any person or undertaking prepared to support its objectives, but it does limit the minimum annual contribution to R100. It provides the same services as any Club it forms and is the preferred vehicle for interest in the South African operation from beyond the borders of the Republic. The principal service provided to distantly located interested parties consists of the Newsletter. It comes in two main parts comprising, firstly, RRIF News, and its coverage of the Rhodesian Ridgeback and how he works with mankind in human society. Secondly there is the Lion Dog Digest which covers the world of the Ridgie out in the bush, ie in animal society: here we are into the true working dog, where he occasionally must face up to lion, and much worse; for understandable reasons this section can be excluded from distribution to those who would rather not receive it. We maintain a Sponsors List where your name will be displayed should you not prefer anonymity.

An Application form can be obtained by referring to the form given below, forwarding payment to the account mentioned therein and emailing the form back to us to the Rhodesian Ridgeback International Foundation, either directly into our dedicated account with the Standard Bank of South Africa, Rivonia Branch 00 12 55, Account No. 223714666, or by cheque posted to P O Box 3829, Northcliff, 2115, RSA.

The sole Club we have at present is called the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the Free State. It provides a broad selection of services. Please contact us to learn more about the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the Free State (RRCFS) and the Mpumalanga Club.