We are the only non-profit international organisation formed to assist all aspects of the survival of the Rhodesian Ridgeback. The Rhodesian Ridgeback's genetic pool is so limited in South Africa because only 1 in 20 owners have a registered litter of puppies, thus preventing the survival of quality blood lines.

RRs originally evolved in Africa to provide protection for families and livestock against wild animals such as lion and leopards, including the capacity to bay the former when required. They can endure the harsh environmental conditions and are incredibly resilient to common threats such as tick bite fever.

Interested in more information on Rhodesian Ridgebacks? Contact the Rhodesian Ridgeback International Foundation for further information info@rhodesianridgeback.org.za

About Ridgebacks

Here we find out about the origins of the breed in Southern Africa, the Breed Standard as it applies today, Advisory Notices we have made available to assist breeders (particularly those new to this enthralling hobby) in as many aspects as can conveniently be compressed to  single page coverage, some general information on the lifestyle habits of these dogs, with a few of the necessary formalities and regulations which must be followed to meet with KUSA’s requirements.

About RRIF

We detail here the Foundation’s Founding Statement comprises the Mission Statement and its extensions, in other words the principles which the Federation had formulated and practised until it became apparent that that particular format did not make provision for KUSA’s provincial style. We then give our Trust Deed as signed originally, how to contact us, how the Trustees inter-relate with Clubs and Sponsors, Newsletters, and latest news items if of special interest.  

General Information

We provide here contact details on sister Club(s) and individuals across the country, and links with like minded operations.

Sale and Exchange, Puppies and Rescues

This category covers Breeders’ details, Puppy availability, Rescue Dogs, Sundry Sale Items, and again latest newsworthy items.

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