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JG Terblanche - Rhinofields

Johan Terblanche

Mobile : +27 (0)78 274 0768

Postal Address :

PO Box 787643



Breeding from Bitch

Clachan Djuma of Rhinofields (HD 00 / ED 00)

Dam: Roodedraai Starlet of Clachan (HD 00 / ED 00)

Sire: Tambuku Yesaba Bobese(HD 00 / ED 00)

Puppies occasionally available to good homes.

Please contact the owner for more details regarding planned litters.

Obré Van Heerden - Kulima


Tel: +27 (0)48 885 0117

Fax: +27 (0)48 881 5381

Mobile: +27 (0)82 859 2790

Lombardy Farm , Hofmeyr, South Africa

PO Box 138, Hofmeyr, 5930, South Africa

Stud dogs

Ch Nomvuyo Born in the USA of Kulima (HD 0:0)

Sire: Ch (USA and Canada) Rare earths Sunlight Sailor(HD 0:0)

Dam:Ch & Ch (Zim) Nomvuyo Nozuko (HD 0:0)

Ch Mhondoro Chumba of Kulima (Imp) (HD 0:0)

Sire: Ch (ost) Chipangali's Kamani (HD 0:0)

Dam: Kulima Shaya(HD 0:0)

Breeding from Bitch

Tarka of Kulima (HD0:0)

Sire: Ch (Int) Calibre Winds of Change of Nomvuyo (HD 0:0)

Dam: Aisha (HD 0:0)

Kulima Yentl (HD 0:0)

Sire: Shaka (HD 0:0)

Dam: Phoebe of Kulima (HD 0:0

Isabel Stoltz – Shadikongoro

Mobile: +27 (0)82 306 8935
Address: 5de Laan 951, Wonderboom-Suid, Pretoria


Web Site:

Stud Dog
Shadikongoro Xambar HD00/BW017010
Sire: Excalibur Muffenza HD00/BQ006029
Dam: Shadikongoro Nandi HD00/BR008582

 Annelie van der Westhuyzen - Araratridge

Annelie and Johan van der Westhuyzen

Kennel Name : Araratridge

email :

Mobile : 0825623492

Fax No : 0865467219

Postal Address : P.O. Box 994 Harrismith, 9880. Free State

Physical Address : Sandvleydrift Farm, Mont Pelaan District.

Stud dog : 

Hoerop Laurisleeu AML of Araratridge HD A2-A2

Sire : Pleasantview Raqa of Hoerop HD00

Dam : Pronkberg Mutora of Lionhill HD A2-A2

Breeding Bitch : 

Mistyridge Shamasala of Araratridge HD A2-A2

Sire : Clachan Masbill of Mistyridge HD A2-A2

Dam : Lola of Mistyridge HD A1-A1

Erica van der Linde - Browdeen

Person:     Erica van der Linde/Corrie Brown


Tel:           016 429 6669

Fax:          N/A

Mobile:     082 730 5807 Erica, 082 462 3106



Residential: Plot 86 Helena van Zyl Street,

                   Vereeniging, Gauteng.

Postal:        PO Box 28060 Sonland Park 1944.

Stud Dog:

Browdeen Inzimbi HD A2-A2, BZ115538,

Sire:  Glenaholm Jarred of Yupyupper HD OO, BQ010969.

Dam: Kulima Blazing Fire of Browdeen HD 00 ED 00, BX015282.

Stud Dog:

Browdeen Young Worrier HD A2-A2, ED 0.0 ZA049435B10, DOB 2010.07.27.

Sire:  Browdeen Inzimbi HD A2-A2, BZ115538,

Dam: Danntrig Scrumba of Browdeen HD OO ED 00, BX011986.

Breeding from Bitch

Browdeen Makulu HDB1-B1, BZ115525.

Sire:  Glenaholm Jarred of Yupyupper HD OO, BQ010969.

Dam: Danntrig Scrumba of Browdeen HD00 ED 00, BX011986.

Breeding from Bitch

Danntrig Scrumba of Browdeen HD OO ED 00, BX011986.

Sire:  Entle Sipho of Glenaholm HD OO, BR008012.

Dam: Demundville Timone of Danntrig HD 00, BQ19401.

Breeding from Bitch

Kulima Blazing Fire of Browdeen HD 00 ED 00, BX015282.

Sire:   CH Mhondoro Chumba of Kulima HD 00, CU009665

Dam:  Cottesbrooke Shona HD 00, BU013945

 Francie van Rensburg - Pleasant View

Kennel Name :Pleasant View
Phone No : +27 (0) 58 821 0339
Fax No : +27 (0) 58 821 0339
Mobile : +27 (0)82 877 1337
Postal Address : P.O.Box 240, Villiers, 9840


Stud dog
Pleasant View Bojelo of Roodedraai HD 00 , ED 0.0
Sire:Roodedraai Taba Bosiga of Pleasant View, HD

 00, ED 00.
Dam: Giforde Electra of Pleasant View, HD 00, ED 00

Stud dog
Sirocco Jabez of Dwaika, HD 00, ED 0.0.
Sire:Nyaka Yebogata of Cartouche, HD 00, ED 0.0

Dam:Terrouges Thulua, HD 00, ED 0.0.

Contact Us

Please use the contact form for any enquiries.

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Entries will only be included in this register if you have undertaken to become a Sponsor of the Rhodesian Ridgeback International Foundation or the Lion Dog Group, and you have paid your contribution directly into our dedicated account with the Standard Bank of South Africa, Lion Dog Group, Northcliff Branch, Branch Code: 006305, Account Number 008189447.

If insertions/changes become onerous/numerous then further charges may apply. But please remember that the R100-00 annual sponsorship is a minimum figure and that you can always increase your contribution as appropriate.

 Phil & Pat Yeo — Excalibur

Phil & Pat Yeo
Tel: +27 11 949 4126
Fax: +27 11 949 1412
Mobile: 072 219 5800
P O Box 96 Walkeville 1876
Eloff Str., Blignautsrus, Walkerville

Stud dog
Excalibur Pharaoh HDOO
Sire: Excalibur Mafusa (Sire Roseberryridge Shofar,
Dam Excalibur Shingalana)
Dam: Excalibur Macassar HDOO (Sire Ch. & Ch (ZIM)
Rekaylahn Jabulisa of Clachan Dam : Maxwood Sun Slip) (all HD00)

Stud dog
Excalibur Mafusa HDOO

Breeding from Bitch
Excalibur Fayette (HD00)
Dam:Excalibur Shingalana (Sire: Kenlynn Munster / Dam: Excalibur Gypsey Dancer) (HD00)
Sire: Excalibur Murphy (Sire: Roseberryridge Shofar / Dam: Maxwood Sun Slip) (HD00)

Breeding from Bitch
Excalibur Cleopatra (HD00)
Dam:Excalibur Shingalana (Sire: Kenlynn Munster / Dam: Excalibur Gypsey Dancer) (HD00)
Sire: Excalibur Murphy (Sire: Roseberryridge Shofar / Dam: Maxwood Sun Slip) (HD00)

Breeding from Bitch
Excalibur Macassar HD00
Sire: Ch & Ch (ZIM) Rekaylahn Jabulisa of Clachan (Sire:Ch Umvutcha Lhazula / Dam:Rekaylahn Titian Mischief)
Dam: Maxwood Sun Slip HD00
(Sire: Ch. Chucklenook Bobedi of Clachan / Dam: Maxwood Briarsun of Roseberryridge)

Breeding from Bitch
Ingwazi Nefertari of Excalibur HDOO
Sire: Excalibur Khazanah of Ingwazi (Sire. Ch. Mushana Benji of Cartouche / Dam: Maxwood Sun Slip)
Dam: Pleasantview Tandi of Ingwazi (Sire: Maxwood Magnis of Pleasantview / Dam: Anlieken Nandi of Pleasantview  Erica van

Deirdre Vrancken

Person: Deirdre Vrancken & Callan Cohen   


Tel:       +27 21 531 6405

Mobile: +27 73 325 8723

Residential:  4 Crassula Way, Pinelands, Cape               Town, moving to: Scarborough, 7975.

Stud Dog:

Berlon Snoep A1A1, ED 0.0, BZ125155, Red Wheaten, D.O.B 27th of April, 2008.

Sire: Pleasantview Excaliber of Berlon HD 00, ED 0.0 BW014243

Dam: Deltoidia Babsie of Berlon HD 00, ED 1,1 BX020035

 Anelda van Tonder - Ajabu

Anelda van Tonder


Phone:  +27 83 233 5130 (Anelda )

             +27 82 877 6735 (Jake)

Postal: PO Box 17 027, Norkem Park, 1631.

Residential Address : Plot 5, Holding Road, Benoni    Orchards, Benoni, 1501.


Stud dog : Danntrig Venom ZA052150B10, A2 A1, ED 00, (Roodedraai Red Design X Danntrig Kiehara). 

Breeding Bitch : Spidergirl ZA002101B11, A2 A2, ED 00, (Vignons Terbo X Anliejanest Snobell). 

Susan Viljoen - Villions

       Susan Viljoen


       Tel: 021 – 881 3031

       Mobile: 072 263 7991

       Facebook : Villions Rhodesian Ridgebacks

       Residential: Farm Bloemendal, Vlottenburg,


       Postal: P O Box 10, Vlottenburg, 7604

Stud Dog:

Rhinofields Rob - Roy of Villions, HD A2A2, ED 0,0.  Sire: Hasani vd Eyssel Hoeve of Rhinofields, HD B1B1, ED 0.1.

Dam: Clachan Djuma of Rhinofields, HD 00. ED 0.0.

Breeding from Bitch.

Hawekwa Luna of Villions, HD A1A1, ED 0.0.

Sire: Pleasantview Ngwenyama of Hawekwa, HD B1B1, ED 0.0.

Dam: Youngworld Gina Lilly of Hawekwa, HD A1A1, ED 0.0.

Mia van Rooyen - Muzunga

Kennel Name : Muzunga



Mobile: +27 (0)82 491 2119

Postal: 1405 Walter Avenue, Waverley, Pretoria, 0186.

Residential : Midrand.  


Stud dog
Big Boss Fox by Lebombo A1 A1 ED 00, ZA001176C15, red wheaten, DOB 2015.04.16 
Sire: Shelridge Ausie Rebel A1 A! ED 00.

Dam: Dykumos Sacha Blond A1 A1 ED 00.

Breeding from Bitch

Jinaid Mika A2 A2 ED 00, ZA04911B14, red wheaten,

DOB 2014.04.30.

Sire: Danntrig Matfield.

Dam: Lihuntra Selenium.

Marie Wijkander - Inanda Mellberg



Mobile: +27 63 272 3446

Residential: 60 Rose Road, Kyalami, Midrand, 1684.

Postal: PO Box 311, Halfway House, 1685.


Stud Dog:

SEVCh Inanda Mellberg Otto JV of Erstad HD AA, ED 00, OCD free, ZA001056C15, BPH tested suitable for breeding, Red Wheaten, DOB 2019.09.21.

Sire:   IntCh MultCh Inanda Mellberg Edelrood, HD AA, ED AA,

Dam: SEVCh Rekaylahn Amber. HD AA, ED AA,

DM, non-carried.

Blue Dilute, non-carrier.

Breeding from Bitch.

SEVCh Inanda Mellberg Shantih by Jukati HD AA, ED 00, ZA001054C15, Red Wheaten, DOB 2013.06.25.

Sire:   IntCh MultCh Vizara Jukati. HD AA, ED AA,

Dam: SEVCh Inanda Mellberg Fleur de Cap, HD AA, ED AA,

Breeding from Bitch.

Inandamellberg Nimla by Bolt A2 A2, ED 00, ZA006266Bi6, Red Wheaten, DOB 2016.01.10.

OCD clear.

DM non carrier.

Blue Dilute non carrier.

Sire:  Excaliber Bolt A2 A2, ED 00,

Dam: SEVCh Inanda Mellerg Shantih by Jukati HD AA, ED 00,

  1. R.Ueckermann - Leocanem

Rochelle Ueckermann

Mobile : 082 977 8471

Residential : Vlottenburg Road, Stellenbosch.

Postal Address : PO Box 12625, Die Boord, Stellenbosch 7613.

Breeding from Bitch

Lionsriver Sheeba Chela of Leocanem A1 A1 ED00, ZA037213B13

Sire:  Clachan Griffin of Buttery A2 A2 ED00, ZA024924B09.

Dam: Imkahena Fibi of Lionsriver (Imp France) HD A2 A2 ED 00, ZA000161C11.