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L. Badenhorst - LiHuntra

Tel: +27 12 991 7825
Fax: +27 12 991 3792
Mobile: 083 635 9732
P O Box 1616 Faerie Glen, 0043

Stud Dog
LiHuntra Midnight Storm (HD 0:0)
Sire: Lionhill ILanga of LiHuntra (HD 0:0)
Dam: Lanestil Gracie of LiHuntra (HD 0:0)

Breeding from Bitch
Lanestil Gracie of Lihuntra (HD 0:0)
Sire: Thau Gawie of Nullgai (HD 0:0)
Dam: Excalibur Tashi of Nullgai (HD 0:0)

                                                    BREEDERS LISTING

The full listing below, including photographs, is given in two pages using an alphabetical sequence applied to the breeders’ surname. In addition, at the bottom of this page one, we have sequenced the same listing alphabetically by kennel name, and then again numerically by postal code.

Elbe Beukes - Ammigo

Elbe Beukes-Ammigo
Mobile: 0823348528
Box 101861, Meerensee 3901

Breeding from Bitch
Youngworld Amika Leswiswi of Ammigo (HD 0:0 ED 0:0) - D.O.B 19/10/2003
Sire: Nyaka Yebogata of Cartouche HD 0:0
Dam: Maxwood Terrentia of Youngworld HD 0:0

Breeding from Bitch
Ammigo Alicia HD A2:A2 ED 0:0 - D.O.B 2/12/2006
Dam:Youngworld Amika Leswiswi of Ammigo (HD 0:0  ED 0:0)
Sire: CH Roodedraai Marchus of Gondwana (HD 0:0 ED 0:0)

Breeding from Bitch
Ammigo Amor HD A2: B1 ED 0:0 - D.O.B 2/12/2006
Dam:Youngworld Amika Leswiswi of Ammigo (HD 0:0  ED 0:0)
Sire: CH Roodedraai Marchus of Gondwana (HD 0:0 ED 0:0)

Terence Haywood - Crownwood
Terence Haywood
Mobile: +27 (0)82 727 1521

Stud Dog
Good hope King Arthur .(HD 0:0)
Dam: Vaal bach Sasha of good hope (HD 0:0)
Sire: Jikulama Thabo of good hope (HD 0:0)

Breeding from Bitch
Crownwood Brutal Pride (HD 0:0)
Dam: Karoskllof zintatu Nika (HD 0:0)
Sire : Millridge Schumba of crownwood (HD 0:0)

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Edwin Freeman - Wokini


Edwin Freeman


Tel :     013 759 4605 work

Fax:     013 752 6705

Mobile: 083 628 3902

P.O.Box 323, Nelspruit, 1200

Portion 164, Alkmaar, Nelspruit, 1200.

Breeding from Bitch

Mistyridge Tina Masla, ZA024182B09

Grandfather : Clachan Masbill of Mistyridge HD A2A2

Grandmother : Lola of Mistyridge HD A1A1

Tessa Brouwer



Mobile: +27 (0)79 078 9185

P O Box 12753, Onderstepoort, 0110, RSA

Edward Jennings Str, Montana Tuine, Pretoria.

Breeding From Bitch

Nullgai Bella BZ130115 HD00 A2A2 ED00

Sire: Nullgai Kobus, BW001021, HD00.

Dam: Roodedraai Lobokazi, BW007228, HD00.

Arie Jansen - Arleo


Tel:  082 500 3964

Fax:  086 621 6416

Mobile:  082 500 3964

Website:  n/av

Residential:  Plot 245, Zoutpansdrift, District Brits.

Postal:  PO Box 5249, Platinum Mall, 0278


Glenaholm Morning Eagle of Arleo, HD A1.A1, ED 0.0, ZA003369B11.

Sire:  Lionhill Leor, HD A2.B1, ZA012665B09.

Dam:  Glenaholm Jolie Jude, HD A1.A1, ED 01, BY000820

Ingrid Joubert

Breeding from Bitch

Glenaholm Walda of Arleo, HD A1.A1, ED 0.0, ZA007965B11.

Sire:  Karoskloof Mack’s Edge, BV004290, HD 0.0.

Breeding from Bitch

Glenaholm Beckie of Arleo, HD A2.A2, ED 2.0, ZA014388B12.

Sire: Shangani Bekua Shoka, HD A2, ED 0, LOF 6 RHO.RID 2150

Dam: Glenaholm Back to Beauty, HD A2.B1, ED 0.0, BZ130293.

Nicolette Botha - Stoneredge


Tel:  084 550 2820.

Fax:  N/A.

Mobile:  084 550 2820.


Residential:  3 Howard Ave, Winford AH, 1872.

Postal:  PO Box 90483, Bertsham, 2013.

Stud Dog

Wesberno Titan,  HD A2.A2,  ZA010092B11,  DOB 2011/02/18.

Sire:  Benworld Tau of Wesberno,  HD A1.A1.

Dam:  Iggam Gabreele of Wesberno,  HD A2.A2.

Breeding from Bitch

Excalibur Nalha,  HD A2.A2,  ZA021409B09,  DOB 2009/06/17.

Sire:  Excalibur Pharaoh,  HD A1.A1.

Dam:  Borsodi Nkita of Excalibur,  HD A1.A1.

Breeding from Bitch

Excalibur Sahira,  HD A2.A2,  ZA009854B12,  DOB 2012/04/15.

Sire:  Excalibur Pharaoh,  HD A1.A1.

Dam:  Excalibur Nshala,  HD A2.A2.


Excalibur Cheops Chumba,  ZA000197B11,   DOB 2010/10/18

Marlene Cockerell - Taimgoloer


Tel:        028 423 3207

Mobile:   082 372 7982

Residential:  Taim Go Loer, Tuinplaats (36), off                     Sandy’s Glen Road, Napier, 7290

Postal:           PO Box 52 056, Waterfront, 8002, South Africa.

Stud Dog:   Zorba.

Registered Name:   Taimgoloer Tao-Ishe,  ZA054582B10,  HD A1A1, ED00.

Sire:  Calibre Zorrocan Magic, HD A1A1,  ED00.

Dam:  Celticpride Camelot Queen,  HD A2A2,  ED00.

Breeding from Bitch:   Luca.

Registered Name:   Taimgoloer Luna Blaize,  ZA054583B10,  HD A2A1, ED00.

Sire:  Calibre Zorrocan Magic, HD A1A1,  ED00.

Dam:  Celticpride Camelot Queen,  HD A2A2,  ED00

Breeding Bitch:   Cezaria  (Retired)

Registered Name:  Taimgoloer Celticpride Camelot Queen A2 A2.

Sire:  Zirengo Globe Trotter  0 0.

Dam: Lionhill Legend Lass   0 0.

Ingrid Joubert - Shumtani

Contact:         Ingrid Joubert.

Member No.  1018917.


Mobile:           082 332 6294.


Residential:   Farm Evert, Kiepersol, 1241

Postal:           P O Box 74, Kiepersol, 1241.

Breeding from Bitch, 1.

Tasha of Shumtani, A2.A2, ED 00 ZA013816B12, Red Wheaten, DOB 01.07.12.

Sire:   Danntrig Jabulani A2.A2, BZ108563.

Dam:  Danntrig Kyla A2.A2, ZA046031B10.

Breeding from Bitch, 2.

Lionsriver Nandi Boka of Shumtani ZA031779B13, Red Wheaten, DOB 25.05.13.

Sire:   Shadikongoro Xambar HD 0.0, ED10, BW017010.

Dam:  Ye Japha-Gukatiwa of Lionsriver A2.B1, ZA000035C12.

Grandsire: INT CH Shangani Denga Windo of Lionsriver (IMP France).

Scotty Stewart — Clachan, Thaba, Shashanga


Tel: +27 11 678 3617

Fax: +27 11 678 9321

Mobile: 082 253 3111

Postal Adress:  P O Box 35025, Northcliff, 2115, RSA

Residential Adress:  106, 11th Ave., Fairland, 2195

Breeding from Bitch:

Clachan Laid B1 B1, ED 3 0, ZA044226B14, DOB 2013.08.21 (CH & CH Zim Rekaylahn Jabulisa of Clachan HD00, BM009430 X Rindurr’s Princess Jasmine of Clachan HD00, CY016806)

Stud Dog: Clachan Griffin Of Buttery; 49344; HDA2-A2, ED00,

Sire: Clachan Starbill HD00 ED00 BY009153, Thaba Siyakwela HD00 BR010612 X Roodedraai Starlet of Clachan HD00 BT000440.

Dam: Rindurr’s Princess Jasmine Of Clachan HD00

Frozen semen available from ::--


Tel: +27 82 253 3111

 Adoree Louw — Danntrig

Daytime : 083 460 1832 / 011 979-3984
Evenings: 083 4155905
Fax: +27 11 979 2614
P O Box 11074, Aston Manor, 1630
RSA Plot 12, 1, Trig Road, Kempton Park.

Stud Dog
Danntrig Mphasa (HD A2:A2, ED 0:0)
Sire: Ch.Entle Sipho of Danntrig (HD 0:0)
Dam: Nyla of Danntrig (HD 0:0)

Breeding from Bitches
Nyla of Danntrig (HD 0:0)
Sire: Danntrig Marcato (HD 0:0)
Dam: Danntrig China (HD0:0)

Lanestil Serabi of Danntrig (HD A2:A2,ED 0:0)
Sire: Pleasantview Bojela of Roodedraai (HD 0:0, ED 0:0)
Dam: Roodedraai Dhlalisa of Lanestil (HD 0:0, ED 0:0)

Danntrig Kiehara (HD A2:A2 , ED 00)
Sire: Danntrig Mphasha (HD A2:A2 ,ED00)
Dam: Demundeville Timone of Danntrig (HD 00)

Jakkie Mellet - Mistyridge

Phone No : +27 (0)13 235 3891
Mobile : +27 (0) 82 388 0527
Fax No : +27 (0)13 235 1107
P O Box 295

Potato Seed Production
Sterkspruit Farm
Longtom Pass

Stud Dog
Clachan Masbill of Mistyridge (HD0:0 ED0:0) BZ130597
Sire: Clachan Starbill (HD0:0) BY009153
Dam: Shashanga Masala (HD0:0 ED0:0) BV003626

Breeding from Bitch
Uitvlucht Diva of Mistyridge (HD A2.A2, ED0:0) BY005523, DOB 2010.09.12
Sire: Mhlazama Nkosi HD A2.A2, ED 1.1, ZA003752899

Dam: Nullgai Binky of Uitvlucht HD B1.A2, BZ1300116

Guillaume Nell - Hawekwa

Guillaume Nell
Mobile: : +27 (0)84 920 4512

Breeding from Bitch

Youngworld Gina Lilly of Hawekwa A1.A1, ED00.
Sire: Usakose Air of Success of Gondwana,  A1.A1 ED00.
Dam Maxwood Terentia of Youngworld, HD00, ED00.

Volker & Anita Schwan - Suedstern

Dr Anita Schwan

Email :

Tel :      +27 (0)12 527 0653

Fax: 086 670 5543

Mobile: +27 (0)82 952 5903

P.O.Box 12427, Onderstepoort 0110

Plot 32, Rose Street, Heatherdale A/H

Stud Dog

Clachan Thando of Suedstern A1.A1,  ED00.

Sire: Clachan Starbill A1.A1,  ED00.

Dam: Rindurr's Princess Jasmine of Clachan A1.A1.

Breeding from Bitch

Dam : Excalibur Magic Melody A2.A1,  ED00.

Grandmother : Excalibur Bartella

Grandfather : Excalibur Pharaoh 7701

Michael Psiuk - Lionsriver

Michael Psiuk


Mobile: 072 443 1670


Residential: Somerset West.

Postal: Postnet Suite 238, Private Bag X15, Somerset West, 7130.

Stud Dog

Glenaholm Diamond of Lionsriver A2.A2, ED00, ZA022661B13,  DOB: 20-10-2012,  Dilute DD.

Sire: Maxwood Dante A2.A2,  ED00,  ZA019370B11.

Dam:Glenaholm Morning Star A2.A1, ED00,  ZA003382B11.

Breeding from Bitch

Imkahena Fibi of Lionsriver A2.A2, ED 0.0 ZA161C11

Sire: Amini-Sion Mawasili LOF6RHORID2051 HD A

Dam: Ye Japha Imakana-Kianga LOF6RHORID2243 HD A

Breeding from Bitch

Lionsriver Deborah A2A2 ED00, ZA050222B14, DOB 2014.07.08.

Sire:Genaholm Diamond of Lionsriver A2A2 ED00, ZA022661B13.

Dam: Ye Japha Gukatiwa X of Lionsriver A2B1,


Breeding from Bitch

Ye Japha Gukatiwa X of Lionsriver A2.B1, ZA35C12

Sire: Int.Ch Shangani Denga of Lionsriver HDA ED0 ZA183C11

Dam: Ye Japha Diketi LOF6 2500 HD A ED 0

Robert Mickschick - Winkfield

Contact::-- Robert Mickschick


Phone:   +27 21 852 1614.

Fax:        +27 86 776 4039.

Mobile:   +27 82 445 7235                        Website:  

Residence:36 Scholtz Road, Somerset West 7130 

Postal:  36 Scholtz Road, Somerset West, 7130.          


Lionsriver Aghilas Aaron of Winkfield A2 A2, ZA012542B12.

Sire:    Int. Ch. Shangani Denga Windo of Lionsriver, ZA000183C11 A, ED 0.                                      Dam:   Imkahena Fibi of Lionsriver A2 A2, ZA000161C11.


Winkfield Adjamu A2 A2, ZA001510B15, Dilute DD, DOB 2014.09.17.

Sire:  Lionsriver Aghilas Aaron of Winkfield A2 A2, ZA012542B12.                                                     Dam: Glenaholm Joyful Hunter of Winkfield A2 A2, ZA022656B13


Ye Japha Nabhani Xabu of Winkfield (Imported from France) A1 A1 ED 00, Dilute DD, B-Locus BB, DM Clear, JME Clear, ZA001022C18, DOB 2017.08.11

Sire:   Drakensberg Hurricane

Dam:  Ye Japha Gaya Boma

Breeding from Bitch

Glenaholm Joyful Hunter of Winkfield A2 A2, ED 00, ZA022656B13.

Sire:  Maxwood Dante A2.A2,  ED 00,  ZA019370B11.
Dam :Glenaholm Johjo A2 A2, ED 00, ZA053621B10.

Breeding from Bitch

Winkfield Aliya Butterfly A2 A2, ZA001516B15, DOB 2014.09.17, Dilute: DD.

Sire:  Lionsriver Aghilas Aaron of Winkfield A2 A2, ZA012542B12. 
Dam :Glenaholm Joyful Hunter of Winkfield A2 A2, ED 00, ZA022656B13.

Lettie Burke - Viking

Contact::-- Lettie Burke


Mobile: 083 324 8398

Postal:  PO Box 5308,Halfway House, Midrand, 1685.

Residential: 66 Austin Road, Glen Austin, Midrand,                       1685.

Breeding from Stud Dog:

Taimgoloer Finn Mac Cumail HDA2-A2 ED00, ZA054596B10, Calibre Zorrocan Magic HDA1-A1 ED00, BY009548 X Celticpride Camelot Queen HDA2-A2, BY021208.

Breeding from Bitch:

Ahasuerus Chiquita HDA1-A1 ED00, ZA001763B15, Kulima Malaci HDA1-A1 ED00, ZA017498B12 X Silke HDA2-A1 ED00, ZA004568B12.

Elisabeth Beccaro -- Amberhall

Elisabeth Beccaro
Tel: +27 82 924 2109
Mobile: +27 82 924 2109

Residential: Plot 109 Blandford Rd, North Riding,         Bryanston, Johannesburg.


Stud dog

Ch Leeurif Leonardo of Bomvuborg A2 A2, ED00, ZA009006B15, DOB 2015.02.25
Sire: Maxwood Dante of Glenaholm A2 A2, ED 00
Dam: Maxwood Tia of Leeurif A1 A1, ED00

Breeding from Bitch
Ch Danntrig Baronessa of Bomvuborg B1 A2, ED00, ZA009461B15, DOB 2015.02.05
Sire: Danntrig Pula of Pleasantview A2 A2, ED00,
Dam: Serabi of Danntrig A2 A2, ED00.

         Pictures not provided

Maryna Oosthuizen - Huizenpride Contact::-- Maryna Oosthuizen


Phone:   +27 72 519 6976.

Mobile:   +27 72 519 6976/ 082 875 9624                          

Residence: Viljoen Str 142, Stella, 8650.

Postal:  PO Box 39, Stella, 8650.          


Huizenpride Boipelo Rufes A2 A2, ED 00, ZA011358B15, DOB 2015.04.03.

Sire: Browdeen Young Warrier A2 A2, ED 00. ZA049435B10.                                                    Dam: Kulima Kulela of Lerwoo A1 A1, ZA008165811.

Breeding from Bitch

Huizenpride Kunani Ghita A2 A2, ED0, ZA011357B15, DOB 2015.04.03.

Sire: Browdeen Young Worrier A2 A2 ED 00, ZA049435B10.
Kulima Kulela of Lerwoo A1 A1, ZA008165811.

Breeding from Bitch

Kulima Kulela of Lerwoo A1 A! ED 00, DOB 2010.11.26.

Sire: Utembo of Kulima A2.A2 ED00, BYO11636.
Dam: Nomvuyo Shica of Kulima A2 A2, BWO11267.

Letmari Dreeckmeier - Thabatemba 

Contact:    Letmari Dreeckmeier


Cell no:      083 442 7232

Tel no:       012 345 5499



Address:    565 Alandale Street, Elardus Park, Pretoria, 0181 (residential & postal)

Breeding from Bitch

Registered Name: Browdeen Bonvu Chutney of Thabatemba A2 A2 ED 01.

Registration No: ZA007909B15

Sire: Browdeen Inzimbi (HD: A2-A2)

Dam:  Danntrig Skrumba of Browdeen  0 0 ED 00

C Albrecht - Capynsis

Contact: Chris Albrecht.

Tel home:

Tel work:
Postal Address: Posbus 303 Hermanus, 7200 RSA.

Residential Address:

Stud Dog
Browdeen Keiser Albrecht A2-A2 ED 00, ZA001533B17,DOB 2016.06.30.
Sire:  Browdeen Young Worrier A2-A2 ED 00, ZA049435B10.
Dam: Kulima Blazing Fire of Browdeen HD 00 ED 00,


Breeding from Bitch

De Leeuwenjagt Hazel of Capynsis A2-A1 ED00, ZA 009088B20, DOB 2020.07.13.

Sire: Rubikoo Wroyel Skukuza of De Leeuwenjagt HDA2-A2 ED00, ZA006926B15.

Dam:  Inandamellberg O’Shingwedzi of De Leeuwenjagt HDA1-A1 ED00, ZA00132B18.

Stanley Naude - Kendly

Contact: Lucinda Naude.


Phone:     011 205 8816.


Mobile:     084 418 6442.                      

Residence: Plot 61, Raasblaar Street, Grootvlei,       Pretoria 0120.

Postal:        PO Box 21, Pyramid, Pretoria 0120.



Huizenpride Remingtondiesel A2 A1 ED00, ZA003169B17, DOB 2016.11.07.



Breeding from Bitch:

Glenaholm Khaleesi of Kendly A1 A1 ED11, ZA0044640B14, DOB 2014.01.29.

Sire :

Dam :

Carina Lourens - Oringa-Tau

Contact: Carina Lourens.

Email :

Tel :   


Mobile: 082 214 6821

Residential and Postal Addresses: 692 De Beer Street, Wonderboom South, Pretoria 0084.

Web Site: Look for Skyler:-

Breeding from Bitch

Skyler Cheyenne A1 A1, ED 00, ZA004189B17, DOB 2016.11.28, red wheaten.

Sire:   Danntrig Matfield A2 A1, ED 22, ZA052148B10.

Dam   LiHuntra Selenium A1 A1, ED 00, ZA024453B13.

Nicole Gerstenberg - TauTonga

Nicole Gerstenberg 
Mobile: 082-218 6664
Residential; Barry Road, Hout Bay/Penzance 7806.
Postal:         Barry Road, Hout Bay/Penzance 7806.

Website 1                 


CH. Rhinofields Bertolf of TauTonga A.A2 ED00, ZA 010447B11, D.O.B: 26th of April 2011. 
Sire: Hasani van de Eyssel Hoeve. 
Dam: Clachan Djuma of Rhinofields.

Breeding from Bitch
Kwa-Zuri of TauTonga A1.A1 ED 00, ZA005210B17, DOB 2017.02.08
Sire : Magwikhwe Tau A1.A2 ED 00.
Dam : Tzawar Tinka A1.A1 ED 00.