Advisory Notices


We have issued several brief recommendatory statements mainly to ease the task of the novice breeder. It was not the intention to deal with these matters exhaustively – that service can best be provided by books, but we have tried to cater for essential needs relating to varied topics in as concise a form as we could.

Much effort was devoted to this aspect particularly during 1998, since when we have placed this service on the back burner. However we are at all times prepared to work on any aspect of particular interest to any party, and should the matter have general applicability we would issue it also in the form of an advisory notice. So please advise us of any specific problem you might suffer and let our team of experienced breeders give their assistance on the matter.

Requests should be directed to Scotty Stewart at:-                                                            

Tel: +27 11 678 3617 Fax +27 11 678 9321

RRIF, P O Box 3829, Northcliff, 2115,RSA.

The following have been catered for and, in most cases, are in final form. Copies can be obtained from the above address at a nominal charge, (free to sponsors of the Foundation).

These advisory notices are available in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. You can get the latest version of the free Acrobat Reader from Adobe.

AN1 Hip Gradings

AN2 Sale of Puppy Ð Breeders Restrictions

AN3 Micro-chipping

AN4 Parvo-Virus Vaccination / Prevention Ð Still in Progress

AN5 Stud dog register

AN6 (a) Puppy Manual (b) Guide to rearing your RR puppy

AN7 (a) Litter Report (b) Puppy Details

AN8 Code of Ethics

AN9 Puppy Sales Agreement

AN10 Stud Agreement

AN11 Culling

AN12 Mating your Bitch

AN13 Kennels and Runs - Still in Progress

AN14 Training your Pup/Dog - Still in Progress

AN15 New Members - Still in Progress

AN16 Code of Conduct When Using Dogs in the Bush - Still in Progress

AN17 Financial Reporting by Clubs